Report on the Mentoring course and the International conference

Report on the Mentoring course and the International conference “Decision support systems for medicine and forensic”, Prague, February 22.-24. 2017

On Wednesday, February 22, 2017 the mentoring course Decisison support systems for medicine and forensics was held in the Academic club of the 1st Faculty of Medicine, Charles University, Faust House, Prague. For the mentoring course 20 participants and 5 lecturers were registered.  In the course several methods of decision making were explained. The course started with an introductory talk of Jana Zvárová (Photo 1) about Principles of Medical Decision Making. Quantifying uncertainty: Baysean approach and statistical decision support, which set the scene for a number of later presentations. The second talk of Arie Hasman (Photo 2) introduced aspects of guidelines and their progression from paper based guidelines to computer interpretable guidelines. After the coffee break the various decision making methods were further discussed in separate lectures. The  lecture about data mining and machine learning was given by Petr Berka (Photo 3) .The talk  about Managing and representing knowledge in decision support systems was given by Bernd Blobel (Photo 4 ). The last talk of Radim Jiroušek (Photo 5) covered Bayesiean networks for uncertain knowledge representation.The mentoring course covered the field of medical decision making and decision support systems adequately. The participants got hand-outs of the presentations. Several photos (Photos 6-10) show the participants of the menoring course.

The International conference Systems for Medical Decision Support and Forensic identification: Principles, Methods and Assessment was held on Thursday and Friday, February 23 and 24, 2017. In total 53 participants registered and 11 undergraduate students attended the keynote lecture on Friday, February 24th 2017. The conference was organized over two days because forensic identification was added to the program since the topic medical decision support is not only relevant for medicine but also for forensics. Two keynote speakers were invited, Mor Peleg from Israel and Norah Rudin from the United States. Both keynote speakers gave excellent presentations.

During the first day the conference was opened by the representatives of the cooperating organizations (Photo 11) Jana Zvárová (EuroMISE Mentor Association), Milan Tuček (Charles University, First Faculty of Medicine), Lenka Lhotská (Czech Society of Biomedical Engineering and Medical Informatics)  and Jiří Drábek (Czechoslovak Society for Forensic Genetics). Six presentations covered diverse aspects of medical decision support. The keynote lecture of Mor Peleg The MobiGuide Clinical Guideline Based Decision-Support System: Objective, Methods and Assessment (Photo 12) was followed  by the lectures of Arnošt Veselý  (Photo 13) Compliance of Patient‘s Record with Clinical Guidelines, the lectures of Jan Paralič and his team from Slovakia (Photo 14) and the lecture of Bernd Blobel from Germany on Knowledge Representation and Knowledge Management as Basis for Decision Support Systems (Photo 15). In the afternoon there were three lectures given by Jan Kalina Regression Modelling: A Fundamental Tool in Clinical Decision Support (Photo 16), the lecture of Michal Vadovský from Slovakia The Current Methods of Collecting Data Used for the Diagnosis of Parkinson‘s Disease Patients (Photo 17) and the lecture of Michaela Bučková on Clinical Decision Support System in Dentistry (Photo 18).The last part of the first day was divided into two parallel sessions. One of them was a panel discussion about the role of clinical guidelines and decision support systems in holistic medicine (in the English language), whereas the other was a Webinar FamLinkX in the Czech language.  The six panels members (Arie Hasman, The Netherlands, Mor Peleg, Izrael, Bernd Blobel , Germany, Pirkko Nykanen, Finland, Jan Peleška (The Czech Republic)  and Arnošt Veselý (The Czech Republic) introduced some aspect of medical decision making and formulated statements or questions that could be answered by the audience and other panel members  (Photo 19). There was an animated discussion (Photo 20).

The first day of the conference was ending with the Get Together Party where all participants could make more personal contacts and open discussions to the topic of the conference. Some photos of the Get Together Party are displayed at the Photos 21-25.

On Friday, February 24th 2017,  after the keynote speech of Norah Rudin on Complex DNA Profile Interpretation Stories From Across the Pond: The Current State of Forensic DNA Interpretation and Statistics in the U.S. followed by the vivid discussion (Photo 26) one other presentation given by Dalibor Slovak New Derivation of Balding-Nichols Formula  (Photo 27) concerning forensic identification was given. Then six presentations of the Czech participants discussed other applications of decision support. Vladimír Bencko lectured about Randomization Principle to Demonstrate of Protective Effects of the Isothiocyanate in Cruciferous Plants in the Prevention of Malignant Neoplasms (Photo 28), Lucie Hrušková presented Defective Collagen Type I Production in Czech Osteogenesis Imperfecta Patients(Photo 29),  Jan Peleška lectured on Direct Home Blood Pressure Telemonitoring System-Suitable Tool for Repeated Out-of-Office Blood Pressure Monitoring (Photo 30), Matěj Hrachovina lectured on Detection of Uncoverable Noise Segments in Body Surface Potential Mapping (Photo 31) and Miroslav Mužný  presented Expanding Functionality of Diabetes Smartwatch Application (Photo 32). We present some photos from the lecture hall of the conference in the House of Physicians in Prague (Photos 33-37).

The conference was a success. Abstracts and full papers were published as the first issue of the International Journal on Biomedicine and Healthcare ( in 2017. It was a pity, however, that not more presentations concerning forensic identification were submitted.

Arie Hasman, Chair of the Scientific Programme Committe

Jana Zvárová, Chair of the Local Organizing Committe


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